Rivne Eparchy of OCU to celebrate Christmas on 25 December

05 December 2022 21:34
Rivne Eparchy of OCU to celebrate Christmas on 25 December

The OCU reps believe that for Ukrainians the celebration of Christmas on January 7 has become a habit rather than a spiritual conviction.

On December 5, 2022, during a meeting chaired by "Archbishop" Hilarion of Rivne and Ostroh, it was decided to celebrate Christmas in the Rivne Eparchy of the OCU on December 25, reports the website of the OCU eparchy.

"We understand that many Orthodox families of our eparchy have already decided to celebrate Christmas on December 25. Therefore, we recommend that on this day churches of the Rivne Eparchy sing Christmas carols and serve the Akathist to the Nativity of Christ," the message says.

The OCU added that it will make "a gradual transition to the 'new calendar,' so that this becomes a comfortable, thoughtful and conscious decision of each believer", and this requires "educational work, especially for the older generation, for whom the celebration of Christmas according to the Julian calendar has become more of a habit, rather than a spiritual and moral conviction".

The OCU noted that "with the transition to the New Julian calendar, other major feasts, such as the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Nicholas Day, Epiphany, and others will have to be transferred," and expressed hope that "gradually the Orthodox of Ukraine will celebrate Christmas together with all Christians.

As earlier reported, a UOC cleric said that non-Christians and godless people force people to change the date of Christmas.

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