Kokhanovska: We will stand for the Lavra until death

02 December 2022 16:28
Viktoriya Kokhanovska. Photo: Viktoriya Kokhanovska's Facebook page Viktoriya Kokhanovska. Photo: Viktoriya Kokhanovska's Facebook page

Orthodox human rights activist Viktoriya Kokhanovska said that the main target of the OCU is the Lavra, which the UOC believers are ready to defend to the end.

On December 2, 2022, lawyer, human rights activist and head of the Women's Power of Ukraine organization Viktoria Kokhanovska commented on the wave of repressions against the UOC and called on believers to steadfastly adhere to Orthodoxy and fight for their rights. She spoke about this on her Facebook page.

“An adult game has started off, so one should make sure it does not turn into a fight without rules,” the lawyer said. According to her, the situation has cleared up, because on one side are believers of the UOC, and on the other – the OCU and “their supporters – the SBU, the police and corrupt officials."

“They are neither in churches nor with God, but they pay a lot of attention to us. They need us as a herd of parishioners – but we will never betray faith in God. Their sole concern is the Lavra’s communal property. This is exactly why they need our shrines. But we will stand for the Lavra to the death,” the human rights activist assured.

She urged to double prayer and attend services more often. “Each religious organization registered with the Ministry of Justice built its own churches, so we can hold our services in our shrines without violating anyone’s rights,” Kokhanovskaya urged.

Believers of the UOC, the human rights activist emphasized, have the right by law, and no one can violate their rights.

“Unbroken Ukrainian people – it is we who are now defending our right to think freely, speak freely and freely profess our faith. It is we who stand up for the defense of democracy and our constitutional rights,” Kokhanovska upheld.

She urged everyone to "calm down and think clearly." “Now the main thing for the believers of the UOC is endurance. Do not enter into discussions, defend your churches, attend services and defend your right to freedom,” Kokhanovska worded the tasks of the parishioners of the UOC for the time being.

Mentioning the laws banning the UOC, the lawyer noted that they “completely level the Constitution and the European Convention,” and for this reason, the legislature does not consider or adopt them.

As the UOJ wrote, the Orthodox warrior called on the SBU to stop attacks on UOC churches.

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