Dumenko complains to Anglican Archbishop about Metropolitan Onuphry

01 December 2022 14:47
Justin Welby and Epifaniy Dumenko. Photo: pomisna.info Justin Welby and Epifaniy Dumenko. Photo: pomisna.info

The Archbishop of Canterbury met with the head of the OCU in Kyiv.

On December 1, 2022, Epifaniy Dumenko met with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who arrived in Ukraine on a "visit of solidarity". It is reported by pomisna.info.

In a conversation with the Anglican Archbishop, Dumenko presented his vision of interfaith relations in Ukraine, saying that the people, society and the state were waiting for a “change of position” from the UOC.

“Further internal identification of oneself with ‘holy Rus’, with the ideas of the ‘Russian world’ has a decisive influence there. People are outraged and want change. We have said more than once that we are open to dialogue without preconditions, but there is a ban on any meetings on the part of Metropolitan Onuphry, even informal and in camera, because he does not consider us to be either the Church or even believers,” said the head of the OCU.

Recall, the Archbishop Justin of Canterbury arrived in Kyiv on November 30.

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