“Holos” MP calls for total UOC ban

29 November 2022 13:39
Inna Sowsun. Photo: dsnews.ua Inna Sowsun. Photo: dsnews.ua

“Holos” MP Inna Sovsun claims that representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church are Kremlin agents.

The deputy head of the political party "Holos", MP Inna Sovsun believes that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church should be banned, reports the “Holos Zmin” website.

Sovsun believes that "in addition to criminal proceedings, the activities of the Moscow Patriarchate should be legislatively banned".

"The fact that the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church are agents of the Kremlin, no one doubts. And especially after the recent SBU searches and what they found. This removes any doubt. Unfortunately, now we can only hope for criminal proceedings by the SBU," the MP said.

She recalled that her "bill to ban the ROC was registered in the Parliament almost 250 days ago".

"There are 2 more similar bills. It was necessary to ban back in March, but then there were arguments like "let's not rock the boat". But it is the representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church who are rocking the boat, and they are rocking it in favour of the Russian Federation," said a “Holos” rep.

Earlier, another draft law on banning the UOC has been submitted to the Parliament. Later Inna Sovsun expressed dissatisfaction that her colleagues were in no hurry to liquidate the UOC.

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