State Ethnic Policy head: UOC ban will cause destabilization in the country

27 November 2022 12:13
Olena Bohdan. Photo: Olena Bohdan. Photo:

According to Bohdan, the idea to ban the UOC is not the best option now.

Head of the State Ethnopolitics Olena Bohdan said that the ban on the UOC would cause destabilization in Ukraine, reports.

“The idea of banning the UOC by adopting an appropriate law is definitely not the best option right now. This can lead to conflicts and destabilize the situation in Ukraine,” said Olena Bohdan.

According to her, in this situation, the world practice of banning the activities of religious associations should be applied, according to which problems should be solved by individual responsibility for collaboration cases.

“In order to ban an entire religious association, it is necessary to prove in the prescribed manner that it functions not at all as a religious association, but, say, as a network of enemy propaganda. Alternately, there has to be evidence of certain systemic things that harm the interests of the state, the interests of society. If there are no such indications, the responsibility must be individual,” concluded Bogdan.

As the UOJ reported earlier, Bohdan stated the temples of the UOC pray for the victory of Ukraine.

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