SEPC head: There is no connection between the Kyiv Metropolis and ROC

26 November 2022 18:49
Olena Bohdan. Photo: Olena Bohdan. Photo:

Bohdan said that there is no longer an organizational link between the UOC and the ROC, although there is a canonical one.

The head of the State Ethnopolitics Committee Olena Bohdan said that there is no connection between the Kyiv Metropolis and the ROC, reports

"According to the documents, there is no connection with the ROC. The document in which the connection with the ROC was indicated was the statute of the religious association as a whole, which, accordingly, does not concern a specific legal entity. Such a statute, according to the results of the Council (May 27, 2022), in a new version was submitted to us. All the theses which defined relations of subordination and dependence were removed from it. For example, it was removed that the Primate of the UOC is a member of the Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church. They also removed the thesis that the UOC is part of the Russian Orthodox Church," she said.

According to Bohdan, the organizational relations between the UOC and the ROC are not the most complicated issue. The documents say that the organizational relationship between the ROC and the UOC has been terminated, but at the same time canonical communication with other Local Orthodox Churches through the ROC has been left, but communication with the Local Churches is not coordinated with the ROC.

"If we talk about the dependence and subordination of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church on the Russian Orthodox Church - so far we have no reason to believe that there is such a relationship," she explained.

As reported earlier, Bohdan said that in transitions to the PCU, the decision is often made by the territorial community.



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