Bohdan: Clerics against whom cases are initiated make less than 1% of UOC

26 November 2022 15:34
Olena Bohdan. Photo: Olena Bohdan. Photo:

The head of the State Ethnopolitics Committee believes that the open cases against some UOC representatives should not be applied to the entire Church.

The head of the State Ethnopolitics Committee, Olena Bohdan, said in an interview with that the number of clerics of the UOC, against whom investigations are underway, is less than 1% of the total number of clerics.

"It should be remembered that there are about 10,000 clerics in the UOC. If you look at the percentage (of open criminal proceedings – Ed.) we are talking about the number of people much less than 1%. But we cannot say that this applies to absolutely every believer or member of the clergy,” said Bohdan.

The head of the State Ethnopolitics Service advised monitoring not only the official reports of the SBU on criminal cases launched or searches of UOC priests but also waiting for the delivery of suspicions and court proceedings.

As reported earlier, Bohdan said that seizures of UOC churches are damaging Ukraine's image in the international arena.

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