UOC hierarch: Online broadcasts cannot replace church attendance

Archbishop Theodosy (Snigirev) of Boyarka. Photo: vicariate.church.ua

Abp. Theodosy explained in what exceptional cases during coronavirus quarantine days it is permissible to limit oneself to watching online broadcasts of worship at home.

Archbishop Theodosy (Snigirev) of Boyarka, the vicar of the Kyiv Metropolis, commented to a UOJ correspondent on the possibility to watch online broadcasts of services at home under the coronavirus quarantine.

“I think in our current situation, this will be too much. It’s better to listen to the service from the loudspeakers near the temple,” Vladyka Theodosy emphasized.

According to him, such an approach to solving the problem of church attendance during quarantine days will still be a better way than to completely refuse from participating in the liturgical life of the Church.

“In the future, perhaps this will become acceptable in some epidemic situations. But in any case, even today it is much better than not going to church for the Liturgy at all. And for those who are already ill, this is perhaps the only way out, without communion, of course,” the bishop noted.

Archbishop Theodosy believes that such a practice will not be the beginning of the destruction of church services.

"No way. This danger is relevant for many other faiths, but I am sure not for us. Our Church is deeply liturgical. And not only regarding Confession and Communion. From my many years of experience as a parish pastor, I know how our believers can feel the worship, live it. They will never exchange the prayer in the temple for broadcasting,” he said.

The hierarch told the UOJ correspondent that among his flock there are believers who are practically immobilized and therefore forced to watch broadcasts of divine services from their church.

“You can’t imagine how happy they are every time there is an opportunity for someone to take them to the church!” They really light up! No, our believers will never exchange their temples for anything. And they won’t let them be closed,” Vladyka Theodosy concluded.

He said how parish clergymen could organize worship services in an exclusive interview with the UOJ.

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