ATO veterans of Vinnytsia threaten UOC with "decisive action"

The cross procession of the UOC in Vinnytsia. 08.03.2020. Photo: UOJ

The ATO soldiers intend to oppose their march to the processions of the UOC and promise to help the priests of the Church go to the "unpromised Nonblack Soil Zone".

On March 11, 2020, ATO veterans and soldiers of Vinnytsia published a statement in which they threatened the UOC with the fact that they will use "decisive action" if the priests of the Church do not stop opposing the seizure of temples by the OCU. The statement was posted on the local website of “33d Novyny”.

The ATO soldiers said that they would no longer spend the night in the temples of the OCU "to protect them from daring and incomprehensible campaigns (most likely, they mean cross processions of the UOC in the Vinnytsia Eparchy – Ed.), organized by Moscow priests, which they conduct to please the enemy.

All this, in their opinion, "leads to a division in society, plays in favor of the aggressor, prevents the civilized service in the temples of other denominations. And it is called the betrayal of Ukraine!"

In this regard, the ATO veterans said that "if the Kremlin agents, who, in our opinion, manipulate the believers of the UOC-MP and perform a special task on the territory to shake peace to please the enemy, do not stop threatening the OCU and others, sowing sectarian strife and calling themselves "true", and others "schismatics" – we will resort to decisive action”.

The ATO soldiers explained that "not a few thousands who went through Vinnytsia, but 14 000, so many of us live only in the Vinnytsia region, who went through this hell of the front, and there are families of 253 dead, and those who love Ukraine are millions!”

They threatened that they would show "people with brainwashed minds that Ukraine has the law, and everyone should respect it! And labels and curses of other believers are strictly punished by law”.

"Do you want us to help Moscow henchmen in cassocks to pack their suitcases and buy a ticket to the ‘unpromised Nonblack Soil Zone’? There are 32 temples in the Ukrainian land only in Vinnytsia – pray. And do not interfere with others," says the statement.

The signatories demanded that “the SBU and the Interior Ministry intervene and stop organizing such campaigns during the war and coronavirus" because they believe that "an enemy agency for destabilizing the region works in the Vinnytsia region".

“Or you're waiting for the agents of the enemy special services to throw explosives at this mass or sent provocateurs otherwise will conspire to destroy the cathedral (obviously, the Saviour Transfiguration Cathedral of Vinnytsia seized by supporters of the former Metropolitan of the UOC Simeon (Shostatsky) is meant – Ed.)

According to the ATO veterans, "in the temple (the Saviour Transfiguration Cathedral – Ed.), there are also believers! How many deaths and destruction can there be?! How long can you silently watch it? And are such actions for the benefit of Ukraine, Vinnytsia?" they resumed.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that more than 7,000 believers walked the streets of Vinnytsia.


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