Advisor to NSDC Secretary, who cooperates with UOC, beaten by nationalists

12 March 2020 21:34
Advisor to the NSDC Secretary Sergei Sivokho. Photo: Vostochny variant (Eastern variant) Advisor to the NSDC Secretary Sergei Sivokho. Photo: Vostochny variant (Eastern variant)

Radicals disrupted the presentation of the National Platform for Reconciliation and Unity aimed at the reconciliation policy in the Donbass.

Representatives of the National Squad and the National Corps disrupted the presentation and beat up its organizer, the advisor to the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Sergei Sivokho, who cooperates with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church for peaceful purposes, reports the "UNIAN" agency.

With the inaction of the police, the radicals forced their way into the presentation, began to insult and provoke those present. There were verbal exchanges between the nationalists, Sivokho and journalists. The advisor to the NSDC Secretary was called a traitor, accused of treason, pushed and prevented from going through.

When Sivokho tried to leave the hall, one of the radicals pushed him and the advisor fell, after which he was helped to get up and under his arms was taken from the scene.

The police arrested 15 people who had been charged with hooliganism.

For its part, the National Corps political party accused Sergei Sivokho of high treason and sent a statement to the SBU, as reported by The nationalists believe that it is illegal to call the military actions in the Donbass a civil conflict, as the presentation's press release said.

The advisor to the NSDC Secretary commented on his Facebook page: "Some people do not need peace. They want war. Because war is business and big money. They ruined the presentation, but they won't stop us from moving towards peace. We continue our work and our dialogue. Thank you, everyone who came today! Journalists, our like-minded people, and partners! Peace be with us".

The platform for reconciliation and unity was created within the framework of the initiatives of President Zelenky on politics in the Donbass.

As reported earlier, thanks to the interaction of Sergei Sivokho and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the action "Christmas. People instead of war. Children of Donbass" was held. In its framework, children from the front zone of the Donbass were able to celebrate Christmas in Kiev-Pechersk and Pochayev Lavras.

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