Hierarch of Church of Alexandria: Ukrainian schismatics must be re-ordained

Metropolitan Seraphim (Kykkotis) of Zimbabwe (left). Photo: churchofcypruseu.com

Metropolitan Seraphim (Kykkotis) of Zimbabwe believes that those who have no canonical ordinations lead the Church to schisms and heresies.

Metropolitan Seraphim (Kykkotis) of Zimbabwe of the Church of Alexandria believes that it is necessary to re-ordain the schismatics who have no apostolic succession to solve the "Ukrainian issue", reports the Greek site "Romfea".

The bishop recalled that "the Feast of Orthodoxy was instituted in the ninth century on the occasion of the victory of righteousness for Jesus Christ, Son of Man, and for the honor of our saints through holy images".

"Gradually, however, the feast was expanded to a special significance, in the sense that it began to commemorate the victory of Orthodoxy over all forms of evil, that is, of all heresies, and, more generally, of the Church's apparent victory over these various enemies," writes the hierarch.

He is convinced that "the Feast of Orthodoxy is of great theological importance for the life of a Christian because it is associated with his salvation".

“The attempt on the part of heretics to distort and mislead the true Christian teaching of our Church, as revealed by the Triune God and taught by Jesus Christ, His holy Disciples and their successors, was in the Apostolic Succession, an attempt to block the way of man's salvation, to keep him away from God, away from salvation in Christ."

That is why, says Metropolitan Seraphim, not so long ago, “the Blessed Leader of the Albanian Orthodox Church, Archbishop Anastasios (Giannoulatos), as one of the leading Orthodox theologians on the Ukrainian issue, which unnecessarily tormented the whole world, stressed that the issue of the normal order of the Apostolic Succession is raised. And the reason why the Church is so strict is that non-regular ordinances simply do not have the grace of the Holy Ghost, and that is why they lead us to schisms and heresies."

The Metropolitan pointed out that there are two issues in connection with the "Ukrainian crisis" that the Church has to solve: the issue of Eucharistic communion and the functioning of the Synod of the Church for solution of ecclesiastical crises, “as was the case with the iconoclasts, which the Ecumenical Holy Synod with the participation of the whole Church gave a salutary solution".

"May we all pray for God to enlighten those responsible for the adventure of the Ukrainian question to work with love and humility to protect and enhance the visible unity of the Local Orthodox Churches," the bishops wrote.

The Metropolitan reported, "A brother of the High Priest, enjoying a special appreciation and respect from all the Local Orthodox Churches, formerly also a Mount Athos Protector, in awe and fear of God, proposed a very interesting solution to the Ukrainian crisis."

“Firstly, that the time has come for the Ukrainian Autocephaly, secondly, those who have never been ordained to the regular order of the Orthodox Church should be ordained with a normal ordination, thirdly, the post of Head of the Autocephalous Church should be taken by Metropolitan Onuphry, and Mr. Epiphanios should assume the position of his deputy."

In his view, "a regular arrangement still needs to be made, as the Blessed Vicar of the Holy Church of Cyprus, Mr. Chrysostomos II, has previously emphasized, expressing the voice of other Prelates, so that the Moscow Patriarchate can have access and spiritual relationship with its Apostolic Center, Kiev”.

As reported earlier, the Albanian Church insists on re-ordaining the schismatics.


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