OCU "priest" prophesies prison for Zelensky

Alexander Dediukhin is committed to Petro Poroshenko. Photo: MediaRepost

OCU cleric Alexander Dediukhin believes that the authorities' claims against Prosecutor General Riaboshapka over his inaction against Poroshenko are groundless.

The notorious "priest" of the OCU Alexander Dedukhin on his Facebook page said that President Vladimir Zelensky "sooner or later" should go to prison. Dediukhin sees the reason for such "prophecies" in the unjust, in his opinion, claims of the authorities to Prosecutor General Ryaboshapke.

The OCU cleric is convinced that Riaboshapka, who is on the verge of dismissal, is being persecuted for refusing to sign the suspicion to Petro Poroshenko. And any suspicions to the former president, according to Dediukhin, are a deliberate "nonsense" and should end for Vladimir Zelensky with imprisonment.

“The essence of the suspicion, as it turned out, was that Poroshenko dared to receive a salary and usurped power through elections. These are all the crimes of Petr Alekseevich,” Dediukhin wrote ironically. “Riaboshapka is be dismissed for the refusal to sign this nonsense. Well, sooner or later, Zelensky will go to prison. Just for usurpation and violation of laws."

Earlier, Dediukhin organized the reading of the incessant Psalter for Poroshenko's victory in the presidential election, and later he repeatedly called for "going on the Maidan" against Zelensky's power.

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