“Prayers” in Mykulyntsi against Ukrainian evacuees organized by OCU clerics

Representative of the OCU Vasily Marinovsky. Photo: mediator.te.ua

The OCU cleric Vasily Marinovsky, who organized “prayers” against the placement of evacuated Ukrainians near Ternopil, said he is not sure these people are healthy.

"Prayers" against the providing quarantine facilities near Ternopil to Ukrainians and foreigners evacuated from Wuhan were organized by the "rector" of the Holy Trinity temple of the OCU in Mykulyntsi town Vasily Marinovsky, reports the Ternopil edition "Mediator".

In the story, called by journalists "The Third Day of the Defense", it is clear that at least two "priests" are participating in the "public prayer". It is reported that residents of the Mykulyntsi community “have been defending their territory for the third day now” by blocking the entrance to Konopkovka, where the Medobory sanatorium resort is located.

The participants in the “prayers” claim that “they did not pray against the people” but “for all our Ukrainians, for the soldiers who are fighting in the East, and for our power.”

The organizer of the event, Vasily Marinovsky, in his interview said that “everyone is alarmed” and noted that “here (near Ternopil – Ed.) there are no conditions for such people ... they are healthy, but we cannot be 100% sure.” 

He said that “he watched the aircraft refueling in Boryspil and after the plane flew to Kharkov, the refueling place was treated with some kind of substance.” According to the "priest" of the OCU, "this indicates that there is a real threat to people."

“Anyone could be in place of these people. But the state should not solve the problems of some citizens at the expense of others, should not set one up against another,” said the "priest" of the OCU.

He emphasized that the participants in the “prayer service" were not happy because the trouble had passed them but because their voice was heard. If it hadn’t been for the position of these people, then everything that was happening in the Poltava region would have happened here. After all, everyone has their own families, everyone has their own problems ... ”

Marinovsky recalled that in the Gospel there are words about love for God and your neighbor and also about mercy. However, he said, "There is still such a thing – judge not, that you be not judged, and we pray not against someone but to calm people and raise their spirits."

He noted that “people are exhausted, they have been praying for the third day. And everyone worries not so much for themselves but for their children, i.e. for the future. We ask that we not be judged severely, and if we have sinned, we will repent and ask God for forgiveness,” the “priest” of the OCU said smiling.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the cleric of the OCU Dmitry Pedina was one of the organizers of the protests in Novi Sanzhary, where residents opposed the placement of the evacuees from Wuhan on the territory of their village.

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