MP: We're ill with the caveman virus, the worst of all coronaviruses

Max Buzhansky. Photo:

The MP from the “Servant of the People” Max Buzhansky apologized to the Ukrainians evacuated from China, who faced the aggressive reaction of their compatriots.

The caveman virus, which affects Ukrainian society, needs to be treated for decades. The Verkhovna Rada deputy from the “Servant of the People” faction and well-known blogger Max Buzhansky said this on February 20 on ZIK, commenting on people's protests against the housing of Ukrainians evacuated from China in their settlement.

“I swear to you, never in my life have I been so ashamed as today,” said Buzhansky. “We are all ill, ill of a thing that is far more terrible than all the coronaviruses you can think of. This is the caveman virus that roots in us and that breaks out.”

According to the deputy, it is this virus that unites Ukraine more than anything else.

“You saw in Ternopol, and in Lvov, and in Poltava,” he added. “And believe me, if this ill-fated cortege of buses drove into any other village in any other area, the reaction would be exactly the same.”

The deputy stressed that he could not justify people who attacked the bus with their compatriots with their fear of the virus.

“Parents covered children with their bodies! What's this? Are they telling us about the Lvov pogrom of 41 years or is it the 21st century in the centre of Europe? Most shameful. Yesterday we could not even imagine that this could be. This is a virus. You can cure the flu, you can cure anything, but you can’t cure it, you need to cure it with education – for years, decades, and we are falling somewhere into the abyss of the Middle Ages,” said Buzhansky.

As reported earlier, on February 20, 45 Ukrainians and 27 foreigners evacuated from Wuhan – a city in China, which became the epicenter of coronavirus, – were brought to the medical centre of the National Guard of Ukraine "Novi Sanzhary" for a strict two-week quarantine. The locals opposed the idea of placing people in their settlement and blocked the road to the sanatorium with a huge van. One of the active protesters, who called for blocking the hospital, was a cleric of the OCU Dmitry Pedina.

To calm the protests, the authorities sent dozens of equipped law enforcers and several armoured vehicles to Novi Sanzhary. Buses with evacuated Ukrainians were attacked with stones.

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