Zoria: Patriarch Kirill must kneel before St. Michael Cathedral

Spokesman of the OCU Eustraty Zoria. Photo: Glavred

Eustraty Zoria said that in order to come to Ukraine, the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church must apologize and recognize the OCU.

The Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church has nothing to do in Ukraine until he is ready to kneel down in front of the wall of St. Michael Cathedral, considers the spokesman of the schismatic OCU Eustraty Zoria. He said this in an interview with Sonia Koshkina, published on the "LBTV" YouTube channel.

“Until the Moscow Patriarch is ready to come here with the words “we forgive and ask for forgiveness”, until he is ready to come up to the wall of St. Michael Cathedral and go down at least on one knee to honor the dead <...> the Moscow Patriarch will have nothing to do here,” Zoria stated in an interview.

The OCU spokesman considered it appropriate to draw a parallel between the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church and German Chancellor Willy Brandt, who knelt down in 1970 when visiting the monument to the victims of the tragic uprising in the Warsaw ghetto of the Nazi era. However, Zoria did not specify what the fault of the Patriarch before the victims in Donbas is.

According to him, in conditions of the armed conflict in Donbas, the Patriarch’s desire to come to Ukraine cannot be fulfilled: “the fact that he would like to come here is one thing. While there is no peace between Russia and Ukraine, while Russia is at war with Ukraine, he cannot come here.”

At the same time, the “hierarch” emphasized that from a church point of view, recognition of the OCU by the Russian Orthodox Church is a prerequisite for the visit of Patriarch Kirill to Ukraine.

As reported by the UOJ, in another part of this interview, the OCU spokesman said that but for the participation of Poroshenko, the creation of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine would have been impossible.

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