OCU "bishop": Zelensky's greeting is a shameful speech of interim president

"Bishop" of OCU Viktor Bed’. Photo: Facebook

The “bishop” of the OCU, Viktor Bed’, claims that Vladimir Zelensky is a temporary president who became the head of state by chance.

The "Mukachevo and Carpathian bishop" of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Viktor Bed’, believes that seasonal greetings from President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky are a "shameful speech of the temporary head of state". The "hierarch" of the OCU wrote about this on his Facebook page.

The trouble said that he was able to overcome the temptation to see the President’s greetings at night and thanked God for this: “I watched and thanked God for helping me resist the temptation to watch and listen to this shameful speech for the Ukrainian nation by the interim head of state yesterday, a few minutes before the arrival of of the New Year.”

According to Bed’, this is precisely what allowed him "to see in the first seconds, minutes, hours of the New Year 2020 in peace, tranquility of mind, respect, appreciation and joy, shared with his family, the Ukrainian nation, the state of Ukraine, the Ukrainian army, Ukrainian national heroes and the Ukrainian Church!“

The “hierarch” of the OCU is sure that “the Ukrainian nation is nationally and spiritually united, that our language is Ukrainian, that our history is centuries-old and glorious, that the enemies tormented and tried to destroy our Ukrainian nation, the state of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Church – but we survived and they were not able to defeat us.”

In addition, according to the “bishop” of the newly created religious structure, the state emblem of Ukraine, the trident is “holy”.

A little later Bed’ added that “Zelensky’s ‘congratulations’ on the New Year attested to the fact that he does not represent, does not know, and does not want to know the president of which nation and state he became by chance ...”

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that "bishop" of the OCU Viktor Bed served lithium for the commander-in-chief of the OUN-UPA, Greek Catholic Roman Shukhevich.

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