President urges not to divide Ukrainians into “right” and “wrong”

New Year's greetings from President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: YouTube

In his New Year's greetings, Vladimir Zelensky recalled that loving Ukraine means loving all Ukrainians and called on the people of Ukraine to respect each other.

On the occasion of the celebration of the New Year, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky addressed the people with a congratulation in which he urged not to divide Ukrainians into “right” and “wrong” but to respect each other.

“Our passport does not say 'right' or 'wrong' Ukrainian, there is no line for 'patriot', 'Little Russian', 'vatnik', or 'Bandera'. It says 'a citizen of Ukraine' who has rights and obligations,” the President emphasized.

He drew the attention of the people to the fact that the differences between the residents of Ukraine do not matter.

“Is there little that unites us? We are equally proud of the great Ukrainians. Would we stop respecting them if we knew who Shevchenko or Lesya Ukrainka voted for in the elections? If Skovoroda or Khmelnitsky had different views on NATO? Would it be important for us which Church Kadeniuk and Lobanovsky go to?” Zelensky addressed the people.

The Head of State noted that in the history of Ukraine there are lots of episodes that unite Ukrainians.

“We learned to be a single country sporadically. In the new year, we need to be a single country every day. This should be our national idea. We need to learn to live with respect for the sake of the future of his country. Because we represent it the same way: it is a successful flourishing country where there is no war. The country that has returned its people and its territories,” he said.

The President wished the people to respect each other, to be healthy and live in prosperity.

“And let's remember that to love Ukraine means to love all Ukrainians whatever part of our country they are born,” Zelensky concluded.

Earlier, he emphasized that the government should not interfere in church affairs.

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