Epiphany thanks foreign ambassadors for supporting the recognition of OCU

19 December 2019 21:50
Epiphany Dumenko meeting with foreign ambassadors. Photo: pomisna.info Epiphany Dumenko meeting with foreign ambassadors. Photo: pomisna.info

Epiphany Dumenko hopes that the OCU will continue its cooperation with foreign ambassadors in 2020.

On December 17, 2019, Epiphany Dumenko thanked ambassadors and representatives of foreign embassies for their support in the international recognition of the OCU, reports the website of the organization.

The reception of the foreign ambassadors was organized in the assembly hall "KOThA" of the OCU, located on the territory of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery.

In his address to the guests, Dumenko stressed that their presence at the event was "evidence of attention to Ukraine, revealing an interest in the religious life of our state" and expressed hope for continued cooperation.

The head of the OCU said that its structure "supports the principle of separation of the functions of the Church and the state, the equal attitude of the state to all faiths and the practice of fruitful cooperation, a partnership between the state and the Church for the benefit of society”.

According to him, the expansion and deepening of international cooperation is one of the important elements of the life of the OCU.

Dumenko thanked everyone who "supports the efforts of the OCU in the matter of its international recognition" because, he said, "it is difficult to overestimate your devotion and support for Ukraine at this extremely important and responsible stage in the formation of both the state and the local Church”.

He also "with warmth and hope for further cooperation" recalled his visits "and a wonderful reception in Turkey in June and in the United States in October this year”.

In addition, Dumenko said about his plans to visit Egypt and Greece next year, which will be "a sign of gratitude of the OCU for the decision of the Alexandria Patriarchate and the Church of Greece to establish full relations with us”.

The OCU head also asked the representatives of foreign countries "to continue international influence on Russia, particularly through sanctions, in order to fulfill its obligations”.

As reported earlier, according to Dumenko, the U.S. does not exert pressure on the Local Churches in the issue of recognizing the OCU. 

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