Believers in Ryngach village vote against alternate worship with OCU

The church community unanimously voted against alternate services with members of the OCU. Photo: Facebook

The Parochial Council of the Ascension temple of Ryngach village voted against letting the temple to the supporters of the OCU for services.

On December 1, in the Ascension temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Ryngach village in Bukovina, believers held a parish meeting at which they voted against the transfer of temples for prayer to the representatives of the OCU. The supporters of the counter party of the conflict and the acting village headman were invited to the meeting, but none of them showed up, the Chernovtsy Eparchy reports on its Facebook page.

The meeting was held due to the fact that a resident of the village, Viktor Yurishin, who calls himself “an authorized representative of the OCU”, suggested that the newly created community of schismatics conduct their services in the shrine of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. This was preceded by an attempt of the OCU supporters to secretly negotiate alternate services with one of the members of the Parochial Council who has keys to the temple.

After discussing the issue, the parishioners of the UOC unanimously voted not to grant the temple for services to other faiths.

The Council believes that in order to avoid conflicts, denominations should build their own religious buildings, as the Seventh-day Adventist community did in its time in Ryngach.

As reported by the UOJ, earlier provocateurs from the OCU disrupted the service in the temple of Ryngach village by singing folk songs.

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