OCU continues to deem Filaret Denisenko as its “honorary patriarch”

The session of the "Holy Synod" of the OCU. Photo: pomisna.info

The press service of the OCU reported that Filaret Denisenko did not appear at the sesssion of the “Holy Synod” without valid excuse.

On November 19, 2019, a meeting of the “holy synod” of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine took place, at which the head of the UOC-KP “patriarch” Filaret was absent, the official website of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine reported.

In particular, the press service of the newly established religious organization said that "all members of the Synod participated in the meeting except for the honorary patriarch Filaret who was absent for no good reason."

Recall that Filaret Denisenko has repeatedly stated that he does not consider himself a member of the OCU. In his opinion, the OCU was separated from the Kiev Patriarchate: “If this OCU breaks away from the Kiev Patriarchate, then let it be. But the Kiev Patriarchate was, is and will be.”

According to him, the Ukrainians were deceived, for the OCU is completely dependent on Fanar. In addition, he accused the leadership of the OCU of raiding the churches of the UOC-KP, as well as of Epiphanius Dumenko’s intervention in the affairs of another “church” (UOC-KP – Ed.). He promised he would fight for the UOC-KP to the end and called on his flock to protest against the head of the OCU.

At the same time, the OCU spokesman Eustraty Zoria said that the OCU does not agree that Filaret does not consider himself its member, while Epiphany Dumenko believes that Filaret’s actions destroy age-old aspirations of the Ukrainian people.

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