Sunday school at UOC сhurch robbed in Luka-Meleshkovskaya

18 November 2019 21:54
Savior Transfiguration Church in Luka Meleshkovskaya. Photo: UOJ Savior Transfiguration Church in Luka Meleshkovskaya. Photo: UOJ

The police are investigating the theft from a Sunday school at the Transfiguration Church in Luka-Meleshkovskaya, where raiders from the OCU constantly set provocations.

On November 17, 2019, the rector of the Saviour Transfiguration Church in the village of Luka-Meleshkovskaya in the Vinnitsa region applied to the Vinnitsa district police department with a statement about the theft from the Sunday children's school, reports the press service of the Vinnitsa Eparchy.

The rector said that unknown persons had broken the lock on the Sunday school building, got inside and took out household electrical appliances and power tools.

Upon the theft, criminal proceedings are opened under Article 185 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (Theft). Police officers are identifying the persons involved. The sanctions of the article provide for the punishment of imprisonment for a term of three to six years.

We recall that earlier the Vinnitsa Eparchy of the UOC has spoken of frequent provocations around the church in Luka-Meleshkovskaya: provocateurs from the OCU led by a "priest" Viktor Chverkun called the police to the Saviour Transfiguration Church, reporting the corpses allegedly located there. The incident occurred the day after another failed attempt to seize the temple by force.

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