Rector of UOC church of Rososhka in Transcarpathia threatened with murder

The village of Rososhka, Rakhov district, Transcarpathian region. Photo: Panoramio

A local resident who had previously served a sentence for robbery told the clergyman that he "received an order to kill the Moscow priest".

On November 16, 2019, the editorial office of the LiveJournal received a message stating that Father John Deket, rector of the St. Elijah Church of the UOC in the village of Rososhka, Rakhov district, Transcarpathian region, was threatened with murder.

As it became known, the previously convicted local resident Yevgeny Gonta came to the clergyman’s house and began to threaten him with physical harm. However, he said that he allegedly "received an order to kill the Moscow priest".  When the priest’s wife came out to meet him, Gonta said that she wouldn’t kill her, pushed matushka with both hands in the chest and threw something in her face.

The police called by the clergyman detained the aggressive man for three hours and then released him. Gonta again came to the priest and continued his threats, saying that earlier he had burned down the village church (which really burned down during the fire about 14 years ago), and now he would make sure that there is no Father John in the village.

Since the threats do not stop, and the police are actually inactive, the priest, who has served in the parish for 16 years, asked the parishioners to organize a watch at his home and seeks help from the media to draw attention to the situation.

We note that in the village of Rososhka, the Velikobychkovsky Deanery of the Khust diocese, before that there had been no inter-confessional conflicts and strife on religious grounds. There are two churches in the village – of the UOC and UGCC, and the parishioners of both churches coexist peacefully with each other. As the locals themselves say, Rososhka is the most peaceful village in the region, even though the former dean Archpriest Michael transferred to the OCU in February this year and was banned from serving.

The UOJ is monitoring the situation and recalls: in case of violation of the rights of the episcopate, clergy, laity, and institutions of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (obstruction of worship, seizing churches, provocations and pressure, threats, etc.), you must immediately contact the UOC Legal Department by phone: 097-537-55-96.

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