Details of the raider attack on the temple in Mikhalcha emerge

Верующие УПЦ и активисты ПЦУ во дворе храма. Фото:

While the believers of the canonical Church prayed at the walls of the temple for the dead, activists of the OCU broke down the door of the temple and got inside.

On November 1, 2019, between 19:00 and 20:00 p.m., during a service on the eve of Dimitry’s Saturday of Remembrance of the Departed Parents, parishioners of the UOC church in the village of Mikhalcha, Chernovtsy region, heard a strange knocking. As it turned out, the OCU activists were knocking out the door of the church with a battering-ram. One of the eyewitnesses of the events told a UOJ correspondent the details of the raider attack.

According to him, about 30 adherents of the new church structure gathered near the front door of the temple, at that time 4-6 people were hitting it with a log with handles on each side.

Among the gathered activists of the OCU, there were 5 "clergy" of this religious organization. They did not allow stunned believers to the door.

The proponents of the new church structure began to push believers, they even applied a gas spray to one of the parishioners of the UOC, after which the man had to file a statement with law enforcement agencies.

The “Tiger” security officers were the first to arrive at the scene. About 20 minutes later, 2 policemen joined them.

                                               Meanwhile, OCU activists knocked out the temple door and went inside.

Nevertheless, 3 or 4 parishioners of the canonical Church managed to get inside their own church, and when the police arrived, they began to push the invaders out into the street.

“We came close to everyone and began to cross them. Without any violence, we simply crossed them and pushed them to the door. And in such a way, everyone was ousted one by one,” said one of the participants in the events in Mikhalcha.

After a large police squad of 20-30 people had come to the temple by 10 p.m.-11 p.m., the OCU activists were forced to withdraw and began to gather in small groups in the yard.

By this time, the parishioners of the UOC had become much more than the adherents of the newly created church structure.

However, believers are in no hurry to disperse – they decided to guard the church during the night because they do not exclude the possibility of the "Right Sector" arriving at the temple.

                                                         At present, the parishioners of the UOC are installing new doors to the temple.

The UOJ continue to monitor the developments.

We recall that on November 1, at 22:34, the editors of our site reported that in the village of Mikhalcha, activists of the OCU began the seizure of the temple.

On the same day, supporters of the new church structure attacked the UOC church in the village of Staraya Zhadova, Chernovtsy region, but the police prevented them from seizing the church.

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