OCU "priest" urges to go on the Maidan throughout Ukraine

Alexander Dediukhin and Petro Poroshenko. Photo: UOJ

The OCU cleric Alexander Dediukhin called for mass protests and also posted a photo of the President with horns and the inscription "deliver us from evil".

Alexander Dediukhin, a “priest” of the OCU, the blogger and propagandist of Petro Poroshenko, called on Ukrainians to go on the Maidan “in their own city” on his Facebook page with the title “What is there at the PP’s – And what is there in the EU” and the tag “Sunday sermon”. He also reposted this publication on his personal Facebook page and attached an image of President Vladimir Zelensky with horns and the words “Deliver us from the evil!”

In addition, Dediukhin published photos of the protests on 2014 Euromaidan and illustrated them with a comment: “We actually have very little choice. Either world domination or death. Everything is as it once was with the apostles. Deliver us, O Lord, from evil!”

A Facebook publication screenshot of Alexander Dediukhin

Alexander Dediukhin claims that 25% of voters who voted for Poroshenko in the presidential election are “Christians”, and those who chose Zelensky “recognize the power of the mad dragon”: “We are living evidence that 25 is much more and more important than 73, because we are able to defend our and God's interests to the end, the end of the dragon."

Also, the "priest" of the OCU is convinced that Ukraine is now the axis of the world and that Ukrainians have the same choice as the apostles:

“If you look at the results of the elections in Judea, which took place on Nisan 14, 33 A.D., then the faction of the apostles lost these elections much more dramatically than Ukraine on April 21, 2019. There was not a ratio of 25 to 73, there Varrava defeated Christ with a killing difference. The dragon demanded that the apostles fully surrender. But they did not accept the defeat. They won.”

In the end, Alexander Dediukhin claims that Ukrainians “also have no other choice but to reject any surrender” and calls for mass protests: “Today we need to go on the Maidan in our city. Today we need to get rid of fear and destroy the dragon. The Lord will certainly respond to our determination. He will surely deliver us from evil.”

Earlier, Dediukhin organized the reading of the Psalms for Poroshenko’s victory in the presidential election, and then the reading of the Psalms “against surrender”.

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