Head of UGCC calls conditions for common prayer of the Orthodox and Uniates

30 September 2019 21:32
Epiphany Dumenko and Sviatoslav Shevchuk. Photo: news.ugcc.ua Epiphany Dumenko and Sviatoslav Shevchuk. Photo: news.ugcc.ua

Sviatoslav Shevchuk believes that a common will help Ukrainian Greek Catholics and representatives of the OCU to recognize themselves as Christians.

The head of the UGCC Sviatoslav Shevchuk believes that Ukrainian Greek Catholics and Orthodox Ukraine come from one common baptismal font. He stated this in an interview with the Editor-in-Chief of “LB.ua” Oleg Bazar in the programme “Open Church”.

In particular, commenting on the possibility of a dialogue between the UGCC and the OCU, Sviatoslav Shevchuk stated that "we come from the same font, we were born in the waters of the Dnieper and we are children of the one Christianization".

He is convinced that "if we acknowledge that we share the grace of the same baptism, we will understand that we can pray together". In his opinion, "if we pray together, we acknowledge ourselves as Christians together."

Earlier, Sviatoslav Shevchuk stated that the Eucharistic unity with the OCU is a joyful prospect for Greek Catholics.

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