Vladimir Zelensky meets with UOC believers at Rovno airport

Meeting of the UOC believers with Vladimir Zelensky, Rovno. Photo: UOJ

The UOC believers told the head of state about atrocities of the previous local authorities, as well as forced liquidation of religious communities and raider seizures.

Today, on September 10, 2019, President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky met with believers of the UOC in Rovno, where he arrived on a working visit specifically to introduce the new head of the Rovno Regional State Administration. The meeting took place on the territory of the international airport, reports the correspondent of the Union of Orthodox Journalists.

Immediately after the official part at the airport, Vladimir Zelensky, accompanied by guards, approached the believers of the UOC, who had been waiting for his arrival since morning. They greeted the President with applause and bread on an embroidered towel.

In total, the conversation between Vladimir Zelensky and the faithful lasted a little more than five minutes. During this time, people managed to briefly outline the problem of confessional confrontations in Rovno region and asked the President to intervene and help defend their constitutional rights. Believers also sent letters of appeal from each community affected by the OCU raiding.

In turn, Vladimir Zelensky emphasized that the Church is separated from the state and promised to sort out the situation.

Recall that this morning, about 200 believers and 30 clergymen from the Rovno and Sarna Eparchies of the UOC gathered at the entrance to the international airport in Rovno to meet with President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky and ask him to protect their constitutional rights.

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