UOC KP: Actions of OCU are violation of Christian ethics

Head of the UOC-KP Filaret Denisenko and head of the OCU Epiphany Dumenko. Photo: 24tv.ua

In light of the continued "illegal actions" against the Kiev Patriarchate, the UOC-KP called on their supporters to "intensified prayer and legal protest".

The truth is on the side of the “afflicted Church”, so no attack on it will succeed. This is stated in a commentary by the press service of the UOC-KP on August 22, 2019, published on the page of the liquidated religious organization on Facebook in response to closing the accounts of the Kiev Patriarchate in Oschadbank.

“These actions are a gross violation of not only the legislation of Ukraine,” the commentary says. “What the Epiphany-led organization does is a manifestation of abuse of the norms of Christian morality and human rights.”

The UOC-KP called on their supporters to "intensified prayer and legal protest".

“Proclaim the truth about the events that are taking place around our suffering Church. We emphasize that neither raiding nor information war against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate, nor an attack on its Primate – His Holiness Patriarch Filaret – will be successful. The truth is on our side. Where there is truth, there is God. And with God, there is always a victory!” assures the UOC-KP.

Recall, on August 21, 2019, at the request of the liquidation commission formed by the “Synod” of the OCU, the accounts of the Kiev Patriarchate, opened in Oschadbank, were blocked. The head of the UOC-KP, Filaret Denisenko, appealed to the “head” of the OCU, Epiphany Dumenko, with a request to cancel this decision “and not to interfere in the affairs of the UOC of the Kiev Patriarchate”.

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