Media: OCU can replace Epiphany Dumenko with Mikhail Zinkevich

"Metropolitan" Mikhail Zinkevich of Lutsk. Photo:

The OCU believes that Epiphany Dumenko is ineffective as a leader.

Many “bishops” of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine believe that in the conditions of power shift, their church lost state support and suffers considerable losses, while Epiphany manifests himself as an ineffective leader, reports Strana.

According to the publication, some “hierarchs” of the newly created religious structure are sure that the OCU needs a more authoritative and decisive leader, which may be “metropolitan” Mikhail Zinkevich of Lutsk.

The source of Strana recalls that "Zinkevich himself is in no hurry to change his denomination – his diocese is still legally related to the UOC-KP."

In addition, the publication claims that a conflict arose between the main sponsors of the OCU and Epiphany Dumenko due to the poor organization of the “Ukrainian procession” of the OCU on the day of the Baptism of Rus.

Dneprovsky businessman Alexander Petrovsky and Lviv brewer Andrei Matsola donated money to Zinkevich for organizing a “procession” of the OCU. However, as reported by Strana, the final result of this event drove the patrons furious, since the number of supporters of the newly created religious structure was 15 times less than that of supporters of the UOC.

“Petrovsky and Matsola began to demand an explanation from Mikhail, stating that it was possible to organize really 30 thousand people, or even more, with the money allocated. But Mikhail replied that he had given all the money to Epiphany, so the demand is now only on him,” the source told Strana.

The publication suggests that because of this squabble, Epiphany Dumenko may lose the favor of the main sponsors, who can put forward Mikhail Zinkevich as a new head of the OCU.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that Zinkevich is one of the most likely candidacies for the position of head of the OCU in the event of Epiphany’s dismissal.

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