Expert: Patriarch Bartholomew found influential allies in the USA

Director of the Agency for Social Communications, political analyst Sergei Belashko. Photo: “1Kozak”

The head of the Phanar has always been looking for influential allies, but his current political actions weaken the Patriarchate of Constantinople, believes Belashko.

Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople has long been trying to find influential allies for himself to strengthen influence in the Orthodox world, and the USA has become such an ally for him, said director of the Agency for Social Communications, political analyst Sergei Belashko on the air of “1Kozak”.

“Bartholomew’s ambitions went far beyond his jurisdiction. For a long time, he has tried to search for influential allies and strengthen his influence in the Orthodox world. He found such allies in the USA in the person of employees of relevant departments, who used him to put pressure on Orthodox countries. In the first place, on the countries of the Balkan region – Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria. In the second place, on Russia,” the expert explained.

The creation of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church is also a pure project of the American special services, which Constantinople should legitimize, added Belashko. In his opinion, what is happening in the religious life of Ukraine is also the result of such a “cooperation” between America and the Phanar.

“Bartholomew is a politician. And all his actions are purely political actions that have a political background, plus a corruption component,” the politologist emphasized.

He drew attention to the fact that the encroachment of Patriarch Bartholomew on undivided authority in the Orthodox world caused a very serious misunderstanding in the Orthodox Churches, and primarily in those that have their own long tradition.

“All of his political steps in the longer term weaken the Patriarchate of Constantinople. I do not exclude even the removal of Bartholomew from the post of Patriarch of Constantinople,” resumed Belashko and noted that if we talk about the creation of “some kind of extraterritorial structure”, then it is obviously better to do this on Athos, and not in Istanbul.

Earlier, a political expert drew public attention to the fact that the Phanar was not interested in the election campaign of Poroshenko, and that Constantinople pursued its own goals in Ukraine.

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