“Servant of the People” to abolish Committee for Culture and Spirituality

Nikolai Kniazhitsky, head of the Committee. Photo: “Obozrevatel”

The acting head of the Committee for Culture and Spirituality Nikolai Kniazhitsky spoke about the plans of the new authorities to abolish the structure.

The political party "Servant of the People", which by a wide margin won the parliamentary elections and has a parliamentary majority, plans to abolish the Committee for Culture and Spirituality, said on his Facebook page the former MP and the current head of the Committee Nikolai Kniazhitsky.

According to him, it is proposed to transfer the functions of the Committee to the Humanitarian and Information Policy Committee, which Kniazhitsky categorically disagrees with: “I expected such approaches but hoped that if Yanukovych hadn’t decided on this, Zelensky would also stop. In vain."

According to Kniazhytsky, the new Committee will not be able to combine the functions of managing culture and spirituality with issues of sports, tourism and family relations: “It is obvious that a combination of such areas as culture, religion, spiritual heritage with the media market, tourism, and sports testifies to a lack of understanding of the functions of the Parliament and those developments that have been implemented over the past 5 years."

Knшazhytsky believes that in the country that is fighting for a place in Europe and in which the war continues, the Committee for Culture and Spirituality cannot be abolished: “In Ukraine, which is fighting for a place in the EU, defending itself in a war with Russia, and changing post-colonial society, culture and spiritual heritage are the main areas of public policy, the role of which the enemies of Ukraine are constantly trying to minimize.”

At the end of the publication, Kniazhitsky turned to “responsible citizens and conscious politicians” for support in maintaining the structure that he has led over the past five years.

We recall that Nikolai Kniazhitsky is one of the most active representatives of the previous power who fought against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. It was he as the head of the Committee for Culture and Spirituality that initiated, considered, and adopted all anti-church bills.

In particular, Kniazhitsky was the initiator of anti-church bill No. 4128, aimed at facilitating raider seizures of UOC churches, and bill No. 4511, which specifies the "special status" of the UOC "as a religious organization, the centre of which is located in the aggressor country". In addition, Nikolai Kniazhytsky was one of the initiators of the bill “On the Appeal of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to His Holiness Bartholomew, Archbishop of Constantinople and New Rome, Ecumenical Patriarch on granting autocephaly of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine”.

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