OCU “hierarch” Alexander (Drabinko) keeps relics of Moscow saints in altar

Former Metropolitan of the UOC Alexander (Drabinko). Photo: liga.net

Bloggers noticed that ex-Metropolitan of the UOC Alexander (Drabinko) keeps the relics of Moscow saints and a photo of St Patriarch Tikhon (Belavin) in his church.

Former UOC Metropolitan Alexander (Drabinko) keeps the relics and icons of Moscow saints in the altar of the church where he serves, Orthodox blogger Alexander Voznesensky said on his Facebook page.

In the photos from the “service” published by Bishop Alexander, you can see the reliquary, which contains parts of the relics of Moscow saints, as well as a photo of the Holy Patriarch of Moscow Tikhon (Belavin).

Voznesensky suggested that the OCU “hierarch” should hand over the reliquary to the Metropolis of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church for a reward of $ 300:

“Alexander Drabinko, I wanted to make an official proposal to you. All the same, in the OCU, Moscow saints will not be recognized as saints (as I understand it, these relics and icons remained from the time when you did not fall into schism). I understand that these icons, work, and reliquaries cost money, and therefore I propose to give you $ 300 from my personal funds if you hand over these icons with a set of relics of saints to the Metropolis of the UOC.”

In response, the former Metropolitan Alexander insulted the blogger and blocked his account.

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