UOC believers manage to defend their temple from OCU activists in Volyn

The dome of the church. Photo: RBK-Ukraine

Activists in Bobly village tried to stage a provocation but the OCU "priest" did not dare serve in the altar of the UOC temple. Believers made the OCU supporters leave.

On August 4, 2019, in the village of Bobly, Turiysk District, Volyn region, activists of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church attempted to take away the Holy Protection temple of the UOC, reports the First Cossack channel.

The incident occurred during the Sunday Liturgy.

Activists came to the temple, led by the preliminarily delivered "priest" of the OCU, and waving the minutes of the meeting of the territorial community of the village, began to demand that the UOC temple be given to them.

The parishioners of the UOC refused to accept the conditions of the raiders and the latter staged a provocation blocking the passage of believers to the temple.

The "priest" of the OCU entered the altar but did not serve there and stood all the time in the corner.

The dean of the Turiysk district of the Vladimir-Volyn eparchy, Fr. Vitaly, came to help the UOC parish, and the cleric of the OCU, having argued with the parishioners, left.

According to the reporters, the same "priest" of the “holy church of Ukraine” took part in the provocation in the village of Susval on July 28.

As reported by the UOJ, earlier in the Volyn village of Bobly, an attempt to put a question of moving to the OCU on the agenda of the meeting of the UOC church community ended in failure. The “priests” of the OCU, who had arrived at the Holy Protection temple, “were pointed to a door” by the UOC believers, while the offer to transfer the meeting from the church to the club was rejected by the UOC community.

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