Expert: Zelensky’s circle is involving him into the church theme

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. Photo: from open sources

Part of Zelensky’s circle of supporters of the OCU is constantly trying to push him to become Poroshenko II in the church issue, said political analyst Alexei Yakubin.

At a meeting with Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, which is planned as part of the working visit of President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to Istanbul, they will try to “probe” him for his readiness to continue Petro Poroshenko’s church policy. This political expert Alexei Yakubin said this on Monday, August 5, during a press conference at the "GolosUA" news agency.

In his opinion, the key issue in the upcoming meeting is that Zelensky distanced himself from the religious theme and refused to continue Poroshenko’s church policy.

“I do not exclude the possibility that this meeting with Bartholomew is an attempt, first of all, even from Bartholomew’s side, and some of the people around the president who support the OCU somehow involve Zelensky in church matters, including, possibly, on the side of the OCU,” the expert noted.

He recalled that the list of the “Servant of the People” party includes, for example, “Mr. Yurash, whose father was actively involved in the situation related to the Tomos, the Tomos-tour”.

“It's no secret that the government has already managed to create a new body, a whole service that will deal with issues of freedom of conscience and religion. And I do not exclude the possibility that some of the people around Zelensky are pushing him to interact with Bartholomew, possibly also in terms of staff appointments,” continued Yakubin.

According to him, at the upcoming meeting, Patriarch Bartholomew will try to “probe” Zelensky – whether he is ready to fulfill the agreements made earlier between the patriarch and Poroshenko: “Remember that protocol which was hidden from us for a long time, where it was written that Poroshenko guaranteed the transfer of a number of churches to the Patriarch of Constantinople."

“It seems to me that Zelensky’s entourage has a group of OCU crypto supporters who are constantly trying to push him to be the second Poroshenko,” the political expert concluded.

As reported, on August 7-8, 2019, President Vladimir Zelensky will be on a visit to Turkey, where he is to meet with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople.

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