Epiphany Dumenko re-registers to OCU two Kiev monasteries of UOC-KP

St. Theodosius Monastery. Photo: www.flickr.com

Vydubichy and Theodosius Monasteries of the UOC-KP now officially belong to the newly formed OCU.

Changes to the data of the two Kiev monasteries of the UOC-KP – Vydubichy and Theodosius – have already appeared in the Unified Register of Legal Entities, reports a UOJ correspondent.

Epiphany Dumenko himself is listed as the rector of the Vydubichy Monastery as before the formation of the OCU. As can be assumed, the re-registration of this monastery (legal entity number 19070078) was not particularly difficult for the OCU.

More interesting are the data entered for the St. Theodosius Stavropegy Monastery, which is registered under No 24074121. According to the Register, Nikolai Papish remains its rector, and the end date for the formation of the statutory capital is 30.12.1899. What and how was changed in the data of the monastery of the Kiev Patriarchate remains incomprehensible.

About the date of formation of the statutory capital of the Vydubichy Monastery, as evidenced by a copy of the request, there are no such intriguing data. But, it should be noted that the founders of both monasteries are the "Religious Organization ‘Kiev Metropolis of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Orthodox Church of Ukraine)", that is a structure that appeared as a legal entity much later than the registration date of the Vydubichy and Theodosius Monasteries.

It should also be noted that with an earlier re-registration of other legal entities of the Kiev Patriarchate (so far mainly eparchies), the “Kiev Patriarchy of the UOC-KP” remained the founder. Probably, the "Metropolis" of the OCU has been introduced as a founder quite recently, after the "Kiev Patriarchy of the UOC-KP" was given a status of that in a state of liquidation.

We recall that earlier the head of the UOC-KP Filaret Denisenko said that officials of the former President Petro Poroshenko, together with representatives of the OCU, are trying to destroy the Kiev Patriarchate and him personally, taking away all the property and finances of the UOC-KP. Convinced that the liquidation of the Kiev Patriarchate would lead to the destruction of Ukrainian statehood, Filaret called on his flock to protest against the head of the OCU Epiphany Dumenko.

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