Bishop Pimen visits parishes affected by OCU raiding

Bishop Pimen visited parishes of the Mlinov Deanery. Photo: UOJ

The communities of the Mlinov Deanery of the UOC suffered from church raiding continue their religious activities, and some have even built new churches.

On July 19, 2019, Vicar of the Rovno Eparchy, Bishop Pimen of Dubno, visited three parishes of the Mlinov Deanery, where OCU supporters seized Orthodox churches, reports a UOJ correspondent.

While meeting with rectors and parishioners, the bishop listened to them, expressed his support, and also spoke about the state of affairs in the Rovno Eparchy and world Orthodoxy as a whole.

“Certainly, all who remained in the bosom of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church are real and strong people who did not succumb to difficulties, ridicule, and persecution,” noted Bishop Pimen. “Know that with your sincere prayer, steadfastness in faith, you are cutting your way to the Kingdom of God.”

During his visit to the village of Velikaya Gorodnitsa, Bishop Pimen was quite surprised that a friendly religious community of the village managed in a very short time to build a small wooden church. As Archpriest Peter Grigorchuk, the rector of the Nativity of the Theotokos Church, said, young parishioners of the village who remained in the bosom of the canonical Church, gave the community confidence and strength in the construction of the temple.

“Two weeks before Easter, we began to build this church; the young people were so enthusiastic that found everything instantly: building materials, tools, and workers. And the Lord, seeing such a strong desire, helped and assisted us in all undertakings. Today, looking back at what we have gone through, I thank people for believing in me, in themselves and for perseverance,” said the priest.

Bishop Pimen of Dubno also visited a parish in the village of Moshkov, where the UOC religious community performs services in a village house, and a parish in the village of Malyе Dorogostai, where the community is still praying in a summer tent.

Vladyka Pimen presented all parishes with liturgical and demanded utensils, wishing believers to love their fellow villagers, avoid conflicts and not lose faith that the Lord will rule everything, and time and prayer will heal the pain.

Earlier, Bishop Pimen of Dubny said that in the Rovno Eparchy all seizures of temples and incitement of people to civil strife took place with the explicit support of representatives of state structures.

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