Community of Morozovka village reaffirms its loyalty to canonical Church

The parishioners of Morozovka reaffirmed their loyalty to the canonical Church. Photo: Archpriest Nikolai Brega

In Morozovka, the community meeting unanimously confirmed its loyalty to the canonical UOC. The few OCU supporters, who arrived in the village, held a service and left.

As it became known to the UOJ, a meeting was held on July 14, 2019 in the village of Morozovka, Baryshevka District, at which more than 300 believers of the village unanimously voted to remain in the canonical Church and for Archpriest Nikolai Brega to remain the rector of the Holy Dormition temple.

There were two items on the agenda:

1. The community remains in the bosom of the UOC and Archpriest Nikolai Brega remains the rector of the temple.
2. The community passes to the OCU and a new priest is appointed.

According to Archpriest Nikolai, the second item on the agenda was not reached: all the participants in the assembly, of whom there were more than 300 people, unanimously voted in favor on the first item.

The lawyers of Borispol Eparchy of the UOC, who were present at the meeting, officially recorded the voting results.

Three “priests” of the OCU who came from the Transfiguration Cathedral of Pereyaslav-Vishnevoye Diocese of the OCU (whose rector is former Metropolitan Alexander (Drabinko)) and 12 local activists conducted their service on the road near the cemetery. Seeing the numerical superiority of the UOC believers, the Kiev "priests" of the OCU left the village.

As the UOJ reported, on July 11, the OCU supporters attempted to seal the Holy Dormition church.

Recall that on July 8, 2019, Archpriest Nikolai Brega and the parishioners of his church, who had previously backslid into the schism, brought repentance to the Church and declared their desire to return from the OCU to the UOC. Later, the “hierarch” of the OCU, Alexander (Drabinko), called the community's repentance “falling on the knees in front of the khan in a white hat”, “blessed” to seal the temple, while Archpriest Nikolai Brega was “dismissed” from the post of community rector.

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