“Metropolitan” of OCU accuses Zoria of manipulation and lie

Spokesman of the OCU Eustraty Zoria. Photo: informator.news

Adrian Starina thinks that Eustraty Zoria incites hostility between Filaret Denisenko and Epiphany Dumenko

The “hierarch” of the OCU, Adrian Starina, accused Eustraty Zoria of lying and slandering “against the bishops and brother-priests starting from 2009”. Adrian Starina said this in a commentary under the message about Filaret Denisenko’s illness on Zoria’s Facebook page.

In particular, Starina believes that "Filaret is not sick, he is healthy and will survive all of us to win in this deceitful and insidious life."

At the same time, Starina emphasizes that the content of the Tomos was not known to anyone except Zoria. He blamed Eustraty “that he was obscure, cunning, cheating, reporting the information about the negotiations to Patriarch Filaret half the time and not the key points”.

Adrian Starina reminds the OCU spokesman that both Filaret and all the “bishops” of the OCU were able to read the Tomos “only on January 7, i.e. 20 days after the Council,” what Filaret Denisenko “has been trumpeting all over Ukraine”.

At the same time, the “hierarch” of the OCU considers that Eustraty Zoria incites hostility between Filaret Denisenko and Epiphany Dumenko.

In addition, he accuses the spokesman of the OCU that the latter is ill himself with lies and slander against the "hierarchs and priests" of the UOC KP: "You had been whispering into the Patriarch’s ear for about 10 years, and he listened and made mistakes punishing us with your blessing."

All this, according to Adrian Starina, happened because Zoria wanted very much to be a “bishop” and then a member of the “synod”. But for this, Starina is sure, “it was necessary for the Patriarch to expel us from this ‘political bureau’ so that you could get there yourself alongside and other career-conscious hierarchs.”

“You should be ashamed, Vladyka,” Adrian Starina sums up, “you must immediately reconcile our two primates before the Lord has punished you.”

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that an outstaffed cleric of the Moscow Patriarchate, Archimandrite Kirill (Govorun), who at one time welcomed the creation of the OCU structure, called on its spokesman Eustraty Zoria to stop manipulating with the imaginary illness of Filaret Denisenko.

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