Zoria: We anticipate Filaret to quote UOJ at the next briefing

Ex-spokesman of the UOC-KP Eustraty Zoria and “honorary patriarch” Filaret. Photo: BBC

Ex-spokesman of the UOC-KP Eustraty Zoria believes that Filaret transmits "Russian propaganda".

The former spokesman of the Kiev Patriarchate and current spokesman of the OCU, Eustraty Zoria, accused “patriarch” of Filaret of the inability to critically evaluate information. He wrote about it on Facebook.

“It’s a shame to see how honorary patriarch Filaret convenes a press conference, in particular, in order to quote false propaganda from Russian news outlets, which has been repeatedly refuted.”

Zoria believes that some “much younger people” are consciously preparing “publications with a Kremlin tinge” for Filaret.

In the opinion of the current spokesman of the OCU, “the way things are going”, at the next briefing from Filaret one should expect him “to cite publications of the UOJ or Raskolam.net”. Is it possible that ‘a truly independent Ukrainian Church be established so’?", Zoria asks bitterly.

Eustratiy Zoria also said that Filaret makes him feel “offended and hurt” and suggested readers to pray “for our elder”.

As the UOJ reported, earlier ex-spokesman of the UOC-KP Eustraty Zoria stated: he heard the opinion “from many specialists” that Filaret’s behavior is caused by age-related changes typical of elderly people.

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