“Hierarch”: of UOC-KP: Head of OCU is now hypocritical, cruel and deceitful

Joasaph Shibaev, Filaret and Epiphany. Photo: Vidomosti

The “metropolitan” of the UOC-KP considers that “hierarchs” of the OCU are “mercilessly stamping” on Filaret Denisenko.

The representative of the UOC-KP "metropolitan" Joasaph Shibaev claims that people who were previously considered "pious bishops of the Church of Christ now appear hypocritical, cunning, cruel, and deceitful".

In his opinion, “the Primate of the Church, whose election made us all so happy, has become the same,” Joasaph Shibaev wrote on his Facebook page.

The UOC-KP “metropolitan” wrote that now “there is a clear and distinct separation ... of true brethren and false brethren”, because “the hierarchs bursting with youth and health, who until now had been revered as brothers, suddenly chose to mercilessly trample down their father from whom they received, as they said before, a ticket to a great life."

He asserts that the "bishops" of the OCU "are beginning to reveal themselves as hypocritical, cunning, cruel, and deceitful". But it is especially striking, in his words, that “the Primate of the Church has become the same, whose election made us feel so happy.”

“A mere glance at this dreadful metamorphosis could paralyze the human mind for a long time, if not forever,” the “metropolitan of the UOC-KP concludes.

Earlier the UOJ wrote that the “Holy Synod” of OCU had taken away Kiev Eparchy from Filaret.

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