Media: Metropolitan of Bulgarian Church forbids Eucharist for OCU members

24 June 2019 03:05
Metropolitan Ioanniky (Nedelchev) of Sliven. Photo: Wikipedia Metropolitan Ioanniky (Nedelchev) of Sliven. Photo: Wikipedia

Metropolitan Ioanikiy (Nedelchev) of Sliven issued a district letter in which he forbade the members of the OCU to receive Holy Communion in the eparchial temples.

In the Eparchy of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in Sliven, members of the OCU cannot partake of the Eucharist. This became known from the publication in Facebook of the journalist of the Bulgarian National Radio Anna-Maria Kristeva.

In particular, she reported that one of the representatives of Sliven Eparchy, priest Yevgeny Yanakiev, had forbidden the Sacrament for the OCU members.

This case, as evidenced by the comments under the journalist's post, took place on June 9, 2019 in the Church of the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos, the city of Pomorye, during the “Worthy Is” Orthodox music festival. It is also reported that the ban on receiving the Eucharist was read in the church in Russian.

In addition, the local vicar, Bishop Hierotheos, confirmed that Father Yevgeny was guided by the district letter of the ruling bishop, Metropolitan Ioanniky, and did not exceed his authority.

Priest Yevgeny Yanakiev more than a year ago was appointed as Protosingell (the closest assistant) to Metropolitan Ioanniky. Father Yevgeny is known in Bulgaria for his tough stance against abortion and homosexuality.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the hierarch of the Bulgarian Church, Metropolitan of Vidin Daniel, addressed the primates and hierarchs of the Local Churches with a message regarding the actions of Fanar in Ukraine.

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