UOC KP members are intimidated and forced to renounce Filaret

Epiphany prohibits academy students from talking with Filaret. Photo: Pomisna.info

The “subdeacon” of the head of the UOC KP said that those who support Filaret are called “schismatics” by supporters of Epiphany Dumenko.

The students of the “Kiev Orthodox Theological Academy” are under pressure facing demands to renounce the head of the UOC KP Filaret, reports "Vesti".

Thus, in an interview with the edition, a former student of the “Orthodox Academy”, the subdeacon of the head of the UOC KP and an official of the Kiev Patriarchate Anton Pavlenko said that he was expelled not only from the educational institution but also from the hostel.

According to him, the subdeacons and employees of the Kiev Patriarchate are intimidated and forced to publicly “renounce” the head of the UOC KP Filaret and express support for the OCU and its head Epiphany Dumenko.

Also, Anton Pavlenko said that those who do not want to do this are excluded from the educational institution while calling them “schismatics”.

Pavlenko believes that his expulsion from the "Academy" was illegal. In addition, he said that on June 20 he was expelled from the hostel. At the same time, according to Pavlenko, on June 12, Ivan Muzyka, who was expelled under the same order, was reinstated at the institution. 

 “I was kicked out of the hostel last night (June 20 – Ed.). I was told to pick up things before seven in the evening, otherwise, my things would be on the street. Nobody goes to the dialogue. My friend (Ivana Muzyka – Ed.) was reinstated the next day (June 21 – Ed.) but I wasn’t.”

In addition, Anton Pavlenko said that the official site of the UOC KP was blocked and “students are being intimidated by all possible means. Therefore, everyone is silent, fearing for themselves and their future".

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the OCU is repressing the students of the Kiev Orthodox Theological Academy supporting Filaret.

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