OCU’s seizure attempt wrecked, the temple remains with UOC

Holy Assumption temple in the village of Dorotishche. Photo: information and Education Center

About 50 villagers spoke out in defense of the temple, only 7 people supported OCU activists in camouflage.

On June 13, 2019, at 18:27, supporters of the new church structure attempted to seize the Holy Dormition temple of the canonical Church in the village of Dorotishche, Volyn Region, but were defeated, the UOC Information and Education Department said.

According to Vladimir-Volyn Eparchy, about 50 villagers gathered to defend their church from the encroachments of the OCU supporters. Together with the clergy and the dean Archpriest Mikhail Chupak, they impeded two men who tried to break the church door with a hammer and an angle grinder.

More than 10 "clergymen" of the OCU, people in camouflage and law enforcement officers were watching the scene from the sidelines.

Archpriest Mikhail demanded that a report be drawn up on the burglars, who escaped to the enclosure of the temple as soon as they were photographed and a protocol was drawn up.

According to the data received from the eparchy, Andrei Broilo, chairman of Kovel district council, initiated the “transition” of the church to the jurisdiction of the new church structure.

At the moment, the “clergymen” of the OCU and people in camouflage have left the village, and the parishioners of the Holy Dormition temple organized watch near its walls.

This is the second attempt to seize the local church; the first one was made by supporters of the newly created religious organization on March 2, 2019 during the vespers before Sunday on the Last Judgment, but then the believers prevented the raider seizure of their shrine. The initiators of the "transition" at that time were also led by Broilo. However, after a long and frank conversation, it was possible to reach an understanding and resolve a number of issues that had caused discontent among some villagers. When the incident was settled, a transition to the OCU was no longer needed.

The editorial board of the UOJ reminds that in case of violation of the rights of the episcopate, clergy, laity and institutions of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (obstruction of worship, seizure of churches, provocation and pressure, threats, etc.), one should immediately contact the Law Department of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church by phone: 097-537-55-96.

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