The UOC parish in Zhidychin – to the President: We just want to live by law

Priest Roman Geleta with parishioners of St. Nicholas church. Photo: Youtube Pravblog screenshot

Believers call on Vladimir Zelensky to end interfaith hostility and protect constitutional rights.

The community of the St. Nicholas temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the village of Zhidychin, Kivertsy District, Volyn Region, appealed to President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky to ensure the rule of law in relation to believers of the canonical Church. The video of the address was posted on the Pravblog Youtube channel.

The rector of the church, priest Roman Geleta, reminded that St. Nicholas temple was seized from the community by force, and now there is a danger of seizing the already built church. On behalf of the believers, Father Roman asked the President to protect the congregation from representatives of the OCU and also demanded that Vladimir Zelensky as the guarantor of Constitution help to ensure the rule of law in Ukraine.

“Dear Mr. President! We appeal to you, residents of the village of Zhidychin, parishioners of the Holy Nicholas temple, which the representatives of the OCU have seized by force, with a simple requirement that each of us could live by the law. First, according to the state law, and secondly, according to the Law of God. We ask you as the guarantor of the Constitution to protect us from the raider seizure of this temple, which we built with our own hands, and of this house in which we also prayed. We ask you – let’s just live by the law. We ask you to protect us and help us merely to believe and to live in our Ukraine.”

The address ended with an appeal to the President of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky, to end interfaith hostility and protect the constitutional rights of believers.

Earlier, the UOJ wrote that the witness told how the seizure of the temple in Zhidychyn had occurred

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