In Bukovina OCU activists forbid a UOC parishioner to go to prom

Parents of classmates of the Bukovina school forbade the girl to come to the prom. Photo: Chernovtsy-Bukovina Eparchy

Parents of classmates of the Bukovina school forbade one of the classmates to come to the leaving party due to the fact that she is a parishioner of the UOC.

On June 9, 2019, the press service of Chernovtsy-Bukovina Eparchy reported that the parent meeting of the graduating class of the 9-year educational complex in Zadubrovka village, Zastavna district, Chernovtsy region, prohibited student Krestina Velushchak and her mother from attending the prom.

The meeting, organized on the initiative of Ivanna Petey, an activist of the OCU community, voted to prevent the UOC believer from celebrating the prom with her classmates.

“You have everything: a certificate, an evening dress and a hairstyle. But if you go to the “Church of the Muscovites” (UOC), then have fun at home,” commented the eparchy.

The girl was not even allowed to have a joint picture with her classmates.

However, the religious community of the church in honor of Archangel Michael supported the parishioner and she took a festive photo with the believers of the community.

It is reported that parents have repeatedly appealed to the district and regional education authorities with statements that the school, headed by director Vladimir Kokis, systematically violates the rights of believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

According to the believers, false information is spread about the teachers and children, prayers of the OCU are performed at the lessons, prayers of the OCU choir are learnt at school despite the fact that the Church in Ukraine is separated from the state and education.

As the UOJ reported, earlier supporters of the OCU, led by their “priest” Nazariy Gagaliuk, demanded unhindered access to the UOC temple in Zadubrovka, and afterwards declared “war” to the believers. On April 17, 2019, representatives of the OCU came to the administration of the Chernovtsy-Bukovina Eparchy of the UOC, demanding that they transfer churchly movable and immovable property in the village of Zadubrovka, Zastavna district, Chernovtsy region, or else establish alternate worship in the church in honor of Archangel Michael. Having failed to receive what they wanted, activists began to threaten "war" and "drastic force actions" aimed at seizing the church premises.

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