UOC Chancellor: It’s 27 years since Kharkov Council but Filaret is the same

The Pokrovsky Monastery, where the Kharkov Bishops' Council of 1992 took place. Photo: Wikipedia

The time elapsed since the time of the Bishops' Council in Kharkov confirms: the bishops of the UOC made the only correct decision then.

The schismatics, as before, try to get themselves regular bonuses in the form of various privileges, for which they go to all – betrayal, deception, and manipulation. This was said by Metropolitan Anthony (Pakanich), Chancellor of the UOC, to the “Orthodox Life” edition on the anniversary of the Kharkov Bishops' Council, by the decision of which the former Metropolitan Filaret of Kiev was defrocked and banned from priesthood.

“The situation has not changed much since then, as well as the players,” noted the UOC hierarch. “The schismatic Filaret Denisenko is the same, and his behavior is the same, even in relation to his fellows. Lie, treachery, and personal gain are his loose change.”

In his opinion, the Kharkov Council serves as another reminder that even in the most difficult conditions the Church was able to withstand, despite the strongest pressure by the authorities.

“The Church then withstood, the Orthodox remained faithful to their Church, in spite of any intimidation, blackmail, and threats, because God is with us. He is always on the side of the Truth,” said Metropolitan Anthony.

He stressed that a similar thing is happening today.

“Schismatics continue to act viciously, trying to get themselves regular bonuses and keep with them all the privileges: power, money, title. And they go for it to all: betray and give out their own people, deceive, manipulate and juggle facts. A small group of stakeholders, who slowly but surely devour each other, participate in this game,” the hierarch noted.

He is convinced that with traitors and dissenters there can be nothing else, “a terrible end is inevitably waiting for those who have gone into schism and not repented for this. These are spiritual laws. Raising a hand against God will not be pardoned by Him. The story of Judah is a living testament.”

The head of the UOC stressed that even today, like 27 years ago, most of the believers remain loyal to the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. They did not succumb to the cynical propaganda of the mass media, “did not change the saving Cradle for a pacifier”.

“The Lord will not forget this! All the faithful children of His will be rewarded with hundredfold goodness and generous mercies of God, and painful disappointment and inevitable desolation await all infidels. They punished themselves,” concluded Metropolitan Anthony.

We recall that the Kharkov Bishops' Council was held on May 27-28, 1992 in Kharkov, on the territory of the Pokrovsky Monastery, under the leadership of Metropolitan Nikodim (Rusnak) of Kharkov and Bogodukhov. By the decision of the Council, the former Metropolitan of Kiev Filaret (Denisenko) was defrocked and banned from priesthood, and Vladimir (Sabodan) was elected as the new Metropolitan. After the Kharkov Council, Filaret, who was removed from power in the UOC, with the support of state authorities, created the non-canonical "Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Kiev Patriarchate", which actually led to a schism.

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