“Hierarch” of OCU speaks against Epifanios’ inclusion into “episcopate”

"Hierarch" of OCU Joasaph Shibaev. Photo: cerkva.info

"Metropolitan" Joasaph Shibaev expressed his protest against the inclusion of the Greek Epifanios in the "episcopate" of the OCU and accused its head of dictatorship.

The hierarch of the OCU, Joasaph Shibaev, spoke out with harsh criticism of the head of the OCU, Epiphany. Shibaev protested against the inclusion of Epifanios (Demetriou) in the "episcopate" of the OCU, spoke about Epiphany Dumenko's dictatorship in determining the composition of the synod of this structure, and accused him of "building the Church according to the laws of lies". The corresponding publication is posted on the website of the Kiev Patriarchate.

“Now I have learned about the decision of today's Synod to ordain a special bishop for the Greek communities of the OCU,” writes Shibaev. “According to the 4th Rule of the 1st Ecumenical Council, consecration of a bishop is possible only with the consent of all the bishops of the Church. I express categorical disagreement with this decision of the Synod. If you begin to ordain bishops to care for ethnic groups of the population, this will threaten the division of the Church ... I ask everyone, who has the opportunity, to convey my protest to the Primate of the OCU, His Beatitude Metropolitan Epiphany.”

Also, the “hierarch” declares the dictatorial methods of Epiphany in determining the composition of the synod of the OCU: “I have a question: the personal composition of the present Synod is determined by what Scripture, or Tradition, or by its Charter, or the Tomos? No statutes – only by the personal choice of the Primate. Here is a telling example: in words it is Scripture, Tradition, Rules, Statutes, but in practice – his sole will. It should not be like that in the Church. Consequently, what authority and power will the decisions of this manual Synod have? And the reason why the Most Holy Patriarch did not sign the journals is clear.”

In addition, Shibaev declares that both Epiphany and Filaret should be liturgically mentioned in the OCU: “Doesn't our Primate, raised and led to the highest level in the Church by the Patriarch, want the name of his father as such to be commemorated in the service??! ! Again deception, as if the Canons forbid the commemoration of the patriarch and they (the Synod) are only forced to obey the Rules. Can a Church be built on a lie?”

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