Media: Patriarch Bartholomew loves and respects Filaret

Metropolitan Amphilochius of Adrianople (Stergiou) gives regards from Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople. Photo: TSN

The “Honorary Patriarch” prayed in the church without a patriarchal cowl on Saint’s day of the OCU, after which the Phanar rep greeted him on behalf of Pat. Bartholomew.

After the “Honorary Patriarch” of the OCU Filaret Denisenko, despite his critical statements against the head of the new church structure Epiphany Dumenko, did appear at the celebration of his Saint’s day, Metropolitan Amphilochius of Adrianople (Stergiou) told him words of love and respect from Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew. On that day, Filaret, for the first time since the creation of a new religious organization, came to the service of its “primate,” noted the “TSN” TV channel journalists. 
“He took off the patriarchal cowl and only prayed. He did not serve. Epiphany went out to people happy. “It showed today that we are all united in celebrating the day of the heavenly patron. We have no divisions and misunderstandings,” the Kiev Metropolitan is convinced. Filaret sees that the whole episcopate came to the primate and obviously feels that he is left alone with his plans. He is leaving St. Michael’s Cathedral in the patriarchal cowl. He didn’t want to talk to the press,” noted in the media.

According to the reporters, Metropolitan Amphilochius, “the right hand of the Ecumenical Patriarch”, approached Filaret near the car.

“I give regards from the Ecumenical Patriarch. He respects you very much and loves you very much,” said the Phanar hierarch to the “Honorary Patriarch” of the OCU.

After that, Filaret even went to a secular celebration in one of the Kiev hotels, where the whole "episcopate" gathered. There he greeted Epiphany and did not even recall the Kiev Patriarchate.

“He wanted to carry this difficult cross,” the TSN staff commented on the incident.

And they recalled that after the meeting of the “Holy Synod” of the OCU, the “Honorary Patriarch” made it clear that he would not give up the idea of defending the UOC KP.

“Convene the Council? You will see what I will do. But I will defend the Kiev Patriarchate to the end, to death. And I will not give up our Ukrainian Church to be submitted by other Churches. Is it clear to you? Clear,” the journalists quoted him saying after the “Synod”.

According to the news media, Filaret changed his tactics after almost none of the “hierarchs” of the new church structure had supported him, but the scandal that broke out in the OCU only did it good.

“This scandal was good for the new church. World Orthodoxy saw that the young Metropolitan Epiphany, and not someone else, is at the lead of the Church,” the TSN journalists concluded.

Earlier, the “Honorary Patriarch” of the OCU Filaret spoke about the influence of the “pro-Moscow forces” on the “head” Epiphany and assured that he would “defend the Kiev Patriarchate to the end”.

“Apparently, Filaret has hearing problems,” later commented Metropolitan Emmanuel of France on the actions of the “Honorary Patriarch”.

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