Phanar rep: Who doesn’t accept the Tomos refuses to be in the bosom of OCU

Metropolitan Emmanuel (Adamakis). Photo:

No one has the right to judge what is right and what is wrong in the text of the Tomos, noted Met. Emanuel of France, commenting on Filaret Denisenko’s statements.

The text of the Tomos, which laid the foundations of the new autocephalous Church, is not the result of negotiations between the two parties but says how the Church should function, said the representative of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Metropolitan Emmanuel (Adamakis) of France, in the commentary to “24 Channel”.

“No one has the right to judge what is right and what is wrong in the text. And those who do not accept some of the provisions of the Tomos refuse to be in the bosom of this Church,” said the Phanar representative.

He stressed that he did not agree with the statements of the “Honorary Patriarch” of the OCU Filaret that certain “pro-Moscow forces” influence “Metropolitan of Kiev and All Ukraine” Epiphany, whose main task is the destruction of the Ukrainian Church.

“The Church, in the first place, is created by the believing people who support it with all their might,” explained the hierarch of the Constantinople Orthodox Church. “All these people supported the Kiev Patriarchate and the UAOC, today they support the OCU and its head Epiphany. I do not see any new people. The Church has nothing to fear, it does not play any political role and does not interfere in political issues.”

According to him, all accusations of Filaret against Epiphany are a myth.

“Primate Epiphany is a young and strong person who we support together with the Ukrainians,” the metropolitan stressed.

We recall that earlier Metropolitan Emmanuel of France assumed that Filaret might have hearing problems if he did not hear the texts of the Tomos and the Statutes of the OCU, which had been agreed with him.

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