Metropolitan Emmanuel of France: Apparently, Filaret has hearing problems

Metropolitan Emmanuel of France at a meeting with Filaret Denisenko. Photo: Facebook

The representative of the Phanar is convinced that it is too late to make any claims against the Tomos and the Statute of the OCU.

The hierarch of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, Metropolitan Emmanuel (Adamakis) of France, who arrived in Kiev on the eve of the “Holy Synod” of the OCU, reminded that the texts of the Tomos and the Statute of the OCU were unanimously agreed upon by all the “bishops”. He told about this in an interview with the “1 + 1” TV channel. 

“If someone, Filaret in particular, now says that he did not hear what kind of text was agreed on, then apparently we should talk about some hearing problems of Filaret and his right to see reality in some way he wants to see,” stressed the Phanar’s representative.

We recall that on May 24, 2019, the “Holy Synod” of the OCU decided to follow the Statute of its church structure in everything, but the “Honorary Patriarch” Filaret Denisenko did not put his signature under this decision. Expressing the conviction that the purpose of this “Synod” is to destroy the Kiev Patriarchate, Filaret declared that he would fight for it to the end.

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