Name of the future Greek “bishop” of OCU becomes known

Archimandrite Epiphanius with Patriarch Bartholomew. Photo:

Archimandrite Epiphanius (Dimitriou), cleric of Demetrias and Almuros Metropolis of the Orthodox Church of Greece, is to become the first Greek "bishop" of OCU.

Archimandrite Epiphanius (Dimitriou), cleric of the Demetrias and Almuros Metropolis of the Orthodox Church of Greece, will be the first Greek "bishop" of the OCU. The UOJ learnt about it from its own sources.

According to the UOJ, Archimandrite Epiphanius will become the “bishop” of Mariupol. It is not known so far whether he will become a “vicar bishop,” i.e. an assistant to the current “archbishop of Donetsk and Mariupol,” Sergiy Gorobtsov, or manage part of his structure.

The day before, Phanar’s Exarch Archbishop Daniel (Zelinsky) of Pamphilon came to Mariupol to deliver the financial assistance to Gorobtsov, which had been reportedly raised by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in the United States.

Archimandrite Epiphanius (Dimitriou) himself, although being a cleric of the Church of Hellas, actively cooperates with Phanar. In particular, he was awarded by Patriarch Bartholomew for his active participation in the revival of the Halki Theological School.

Recall, on May 22, the Romfea resource announced that the cleric of the Church of Hellas was going to become the “bishop” of the OCU. His ordination, with the participation of the hierarchs of the Constantinople Patriarchate, is scheduled for May 25.

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